About Us

We love to create  

We love to surprise

We love to delight

We love to support artists and artisans

We love to be a part of the solution

We love the hunt

We love color

We love fun 

We love outrageousness

We love connection

We love humans

We love the earth

We love excellence

We love capability

We love compassion

We love authenticity

We love nature

We love food

We love wild abandon

We love contrast

We love life

We love love

With 20 years experience in creating unique spaces for celebrations {celebrations of life, of accomplishments, of love and of new products} we have developed quite a few skills in the design and production department.  What we enjoy most is sharing those skills with our creative, kind, and kick ass clients! Call us :)


A note from Nicole...

There is a question I've been asking myself a lot lately.  What is my role in the world? I'm not sure if I have quite settled on the answer, or if I ever will, and I'm starting to be okay with that.  I believe it's because it's not just one "thing" and in if the past is any indicator, it's ever changing... So there's that.  Get comfortable with it, right?  Some people have their one thing, but I've come to understand that I'm more of a pollinator.  I love a lot of things...  I love to take things in and then sprinkle them around like a little butterfly or a bee.  I really love that!  And while there are certainly many constant interests in my life... my incredible family, my beautiful community and home in Pescadero CA, my cats (of course), art and artists, music, design, and food... many of my interests are constantly shifting and growing and changing.  Growing up in a world where I was taught that I should find my one thing and become the world's leading expert at it, this has troubled me for a long time because it has never fit with the reality of who I am.  I want to visit and learn about a million different places, and arts, and artists, and foods, and human health, and my friends, and people I have yet to meet, and things that don't yet exist!  And I want to play... a lot!!  Attempting to be the world's leading expert in any field doesn't generally allow for much time to play...  But I've come to believe that this single track thinking has been wrong (for me) all along...  

I'm an explorer.  A passionate dabbler.  One who takes each interest, each project, and each moment extremely seriously.  I am on a journey to soak up this incredible world and this incredible life, and to participate fully in it!  I love to collaborate, to tell my own story sometimes, and other times I like to help others tell theirs.  I love being a part of a moment in human history where I believe we are finally finding our truest purpose... to fully notice and honor the beauty around us, and to create a lot more of it.

My business, Sillapere, through which I've been cultivating my varied interests, talents, and skills over the last (almost) 20 years, is a wonderful bi-product of my journey, full of incredible experiences and loads of unbelievably talented and wonderful people to whom I will be forever grateful... and because I am constantly re-inventing myself, my business has been doing the same.  There have been flowers, and restaurants, and products, and art, and artisans, and installations, and lots and lots of celebrations...  In this next iteration, I want all of those delightful things to continue, and I'm ready for more...  Who knows what will come next, I am open to anything that allows me to continue to grow and learn and to contribute to creating a more beautiful world around me.  Oh, and it needs to be fun.  Always loads of fun!

If you have a challenging and fun project in mind and you like what you see here, give us a shout!

Thanks for stopping by!


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